You can find this girl in the main town shop, she can sell you wall and floors themes for your home.



The themes are:


  • Eternal Forest (default) 25,000 gold
  • Beach 100,000 gold
  • Snow 100,000 gold
  • Marsh 150,000 gold
  • Volcano 200,000 gold

Interior Floor:

  • Cave (default) 15,000 gold
  • Plain Wood 100,000 gold

Interior Walls:

  • Cave (default) 15,000 gold
  • Plain Wood 100,000 gold

Note: After paying for a theme if you want to go back to a previous theme you have to pay again anyway. So make sure you choose the theme you want unless you want to pay multiple times.

House with Plain Wood on Floor and Walls:

Hrc51 house

example of extended home

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