Improved use of the shield in absorbing and deflecting hits.

Note (lovelily99): To level shield skills before Shield Level 3, equip a shield you can use and let the monsters attack you over and over. Occasionally, you will Block an attack and gain EXP. It takes a long time, but once you reach Shield Level 3, you can use Shield Bash (1-5 EXP Points, depending on the monster's level compared to your level) or Shield Brace (3 EXP).

Also, Shield durability only goes down when you Block attacks; it does not lose durability when you use Shield Bash or Shield Brace.

Shield skillsEdit

Shield skills

Skill level



Ingame Description



Shield Bash


A strong slam of the shield that can disorient opponents

15% chance of casting Confusion on target

100% chance of recoil on target


Shield Brace 4 A defense pose that grabs the shield with both hands to absorb more damage from heavy hits 100% chance of casting Shell on target


Sacrifice 6 A shield is used to transfer the blunt of the damage into mp gain. 100% chance of casting Lucidity on target

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