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Default Color: White

Monster-Field-Guide-Skull Pixie

Skull Pixie

Base Stats:

HP: 28; MP: 44; AP: 10

Melee: 4; Ranged: 4

Magic: 9; Defence: 6

+15% HP

Stats at Level 30:

HP: 334 MP: 164 AP:10

Melee: 12; Ranged: 12

Magic: 35; Defense: 72

Skill level



Ingame Description Effects Notes (Pure Magic)
Hatchling Ember Flick 1AP/3MP Conjure up a small wisp of fire to burn objects you don't like Damages Flame


Soothe wounds 

1AP/6MP Compassion Extracted as mana, this spell will help players recover from light wounds Heals Divine


Minor Heal 2AP/12MP Summon the Divine Goddess to heal medium sized wounds Heals Divine
Adult Fireball 2AP/6MP

An orb of fire is hurled towards opponents

Damages (50% recoil)

Mature Ice Spear 2AP/6MP A wall of ice rises from the ground, obstructing both player and foe

Damages (50%recoil)

Elder Infest Mind Haze 3AP/6MP The recipient is plagued by the 'Mind Haze' curse, thus the player will periodically lose mana for a few turns 70% chance of casting Mind Haze on target Void

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